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about - Cointradepro

Cointradepro is an algorithmic trading platform which trades cryptocurrencies for YOU! The platform uses market indicators and complex trading algorithms to provide you with a fuss-free way to create your digital wealth.

Our Mission is to provide excellence and efficiency through innovation, integrity and transparency by adding value to our members’ investment, maintaining a steady growth profit and providing outstanding services to our investors.

Our Vision is to be the industry leader in the digital and mineral industry by optimizing and maximizing all aspects of the value chain in order to deliver true, transparent, quality and tangible value to our investors and partners world wide.

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Cointradepro is an automated trading platform that helps you trade your funds and pay back your capital and profit in space of 24hrs and also gives 5% referral bonus if you invite your friends.


Daily 7% for 1 times

Daily Return

for 1 times

7% roi each time

Minimum$ 50
Maximum$ 10000
per time$ 351.75.0
Total Return$ 351.75.0


Two Days 15% for 1 times

Two Days Return

for 1 times

15% roi each time

Minimum$ 200
Maximum$ 20000
per time$ 1515.0
Total Return$ 1515.0


Weekly 25% for 1 times

Weekly Return

for 1 times

25% roi each time

Minimum$ 1400
Maximum$ 20000
per time$ 2675.0
Total Return$ 2675.0


Monthly 25% for 1 times

Monthly Return

for 1 times

25% roi each time

Minimum$ 500
Maximum$ 40000
per time$ 5062.5.0
Total Return$ 5062.5.0

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Our top Investors

Our Investors whom are investing into our crypto Trading

riyad uddin

$ 50000

David Stahlberg

$ 20000


$ 10190

Reza Parvaresh Nejad

$ 10168

Torsten Zekalle

$ 10000

riyad uddin

$ 10000

Reza Parvaresh Nejad

$ 8000


$ 8000

What People Say

Latest Deposits

Name Date Currency Amount
David Stahlberg Nov 18,2020 USD $10000
David Stahlberg Nov 16,2020 USD $5000
David Stahlberg Nov 16,2020 USD $500
David Stahlberg Nov 12,2020 USD $100
Carlo Nania Sep 04,2020 USD $1200
Hans-Jürgen Matzke Aug 30,2020 USD $110

Latest Withdraw

Name Date Currency Amount
David Stahlberg Nov 17,2020 USD $5340
Torsten Zekalle Oct 09,2020 USD $150
Torsten Zekalle Oct 06,2020 USD $280
Eckard Kirsch Oct 02,2020 USD $250
Eckard Kirsch Oct 01,2020 USD $140
Würrer Michael Aug 25,2020 USD $6789.00

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